Affiliate Marketing – Should You Do It?

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Stop me if you’re heard this one before – some company will offer you a chunk of revenues, if you promote and sell their products for them.

And truth to be told, this does sound good on paper. You don’t need to buy your own product and spend thousands on developments. This is known as affiliate marketing.

The problem with this business model, is that it is incredibly difficult for a beginner to get into. There are LOTS of things you need to learn, such as website design, SEO, marketing, ad copy etc. And believe me, there are some big boys out there in the industry today who would absolutely CRUSH you at this.

If you’re like most people, you aren’t technically savvy. And that’s perfectly fine. If this is the case though, I highly recommend you stay away from anything that has to do with affiliate marketing. Seriously.

Now if you still decide to pursue this, here are some tips:

  • Only promote products that you are 100% comfortable with selling. You’ll feel a lot better promoting them, and not feel like you are ripping somebody off for a profit. This translates into good feeling about your business, and inspires you to work harder. If you have never used the product before, don’t sell it.
  • Promote based on your own experiences, and put things into the context of your own daily life. This helps other people understand what you are saying a lot better.
  • Learn technical skills. I’m sorry, but there really is no way around it. If you think you can get away with hiring somebody to do all the grunt work (like building a website, SEO, marketing etc.) for you, sooner or later you’ll be ripped off. Even Steve Jobs taught himself to code just so he could keep up with Wozniak.
  • Find high margin products. There are MILLIONS of products out there that will net you $10 per sale in profits. That, in my opinion is a colossal waste of time. To put that into perspective, you need to sell 1000 units to make $10k. If you sold product that are $1000 per pop, you only need to sell 10 units to make the same amount of money. This makes customer support easier too, as god forbid do you want to be running around dealing with 1000 customers.

I’ll be talking more about these topics in the future! But in the meantime I hope my tips have helped you.

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