Home Base Business – Which Is Ideal For You?

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Hi there! Welcome to this brand new blog that will help you make a couple of good decisions towards your financial freedom. If you’re feeling lost, don’t worry. I’ve got your back.

If you are thinking about starting your very own home income generator for whatever reason (sick of your boss? tired of dealing with idiots at work? just wanna pay off those bills?) you’re in the right place.

See, there are many options available to the aspiring entrepreneur. However making the right decisions in picking a model that best fits your personality and current situation might be difficult.

There are many things to consider, such as your skillsets, interests, available capital and models with the best chance of succeeding. So in this 2 part post, I’ll narrow down some of the options for you to make a rational decision.

Personal Trainer

Given the current aging population, along with the fitness boom that is taking over the world right now, training other people to lose weight or get stronger should be a great opportunity for you. You get to work at your own pace (most of the time unless you are training someone to do cardio) and get to deal with clients either in their homes, or at fitness centres.

You DO need a professional qualification to become a personal trainer, and there are a wealth of other documents you need to prepare for such as insurance and certifications. Consult an actual agency to find out more. This business model is great for the fitness junkie!

Child Care Services

If you enjoy working with children, you should think about starting a daycare centre. This is a great option for those of you with capital constraint problems and do not want to go out of your way to buy infrastructure. Before you jump into it though, you should check the nation’s (or your local state’s) laws and regulations. There are helpful information on government portals, such as this one. Make sure what you are doing is legal!

Like with all other businesses, you need to get insurance, licensing fees and much much more. Consider buying things like toys and educational material to keep the kids occupied.

Business Coaching

If you have had previous experience as a business owner (or if you’ve worked in relevant sections of a large corporate giant in the past, you should think about mentoring. It could be a great opportunity for most people to start sharing their knowledge.

Be warned though, you need to be legitimate. It’s extremely difficult to sell something to another business owner that you do not have first hand experience in yourself. Network with the others in the business world and figure out what their needs are, and position yourself accordingly.



This is one of the weirder industries that people get into nowadays! Because administrative work is so crucial to anybody in industries such as law and medicine, transcriptions are always in demand. Overheads are low as well since you pretty much have everything you need at home already (assuming you have a laptop and internet connection!)

You will be listening to audio recordings of legitimate documents, and straight out transcribe them. It’s pretty easy if you are a quick typer. You should be able to connect with the other people in the field relatively straightforward. Consider using software such as Dragonfly and TextMate.

In Part 2 I’ll be going over 5 more businesses you can start looking into!

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