Home-Based Business Ideas Part 2

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This is a continuation of Part 1 where we discussed the various business ideas you can get into. So let’s get straight into it!


Ahh. Bookkeeping. Not a very sexy sounding business idea, but nevertheless an important function for many businesses. To become a qualified accountant, you do need a CPA. This might take time to obtain, and it is certainly worth getting one if you are somewhat decent at numbers.

Be warned though, it does take some time and trust to build up a large enough client base for your investment to pay off. CPAs also have the added advantage of value add to yourself, so if you do decide to work for a corporation one day you’ll be at a head start.

Senior Care

A lot like child care (both of which require diapers!), a large population of the world is now old. This is huge opportunity for you, and if you branch out a little bit and help seniors with basic tasks you will stand to have a successful business.

Some services you might look to bundle up include transportation, house cleaning, dietary help and others. As always before starting any type of business, do your research. Please. Do not jump into things you don’t understand. Find out how many old people there are around your area and cater to them accordingly.

Debt Collection

If you have a thick skin, this could be the business model for you. There are plenty of failing businesses out there (hopefully not yours) and most of them require some assistance with collecting past due bills from other people. You’ll need next to no equipment here as well – you can get by just fine with a computer and phone. You stand to receive a cut of all received debt.

Debt collection is a well regulated industry though, so make sure you do your research and not end up doing anything illegal. There ARE best practices that you need to follow.

Junk Removal

You can help other people get rid of their junk for a fee. People always have spare crap to get rid of! First of all, you need to find out what type of junk removal services there are in your local town. Depending on what you need, this might all vary. You MIGHT need some specialised equipment though.

Make sure you get certified to deal with hazardous materials. Definitely not for the light hearted.

Cleaning Service

This is one industry that will never die. There are plenty of cleaning operations that can easily be run from home, but make sure you fit things within your budget. Home cleaning services are very low budget, however if you are looking to clean large commercial buildings you might end up spending quite a fair bit on the equipment.

Whatever you do, start marketing your service right away to the right people. It takes time to grow a small business, but as long as you focus on providing a quality service you’ll be doing just fine.

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