Some of the less discussed aspects of conducting work from home

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Home income

Setting up your own business is always a dream that you would like to achieve. If this can be done from the comfort of your home then it would make life even better. But there are various aspects that you need to study before you think about conducting work from your home. You need to have a holistic approach and make sure that communication is the key while conducting the work from your home. Make sure that you set up a proper platform that helps you in staying informed about the work done and there is no compromise on the quality of service. Most of the communication would take place through emails, phone or Skype. The work timing and availability of your team members is also important and you need to discuss it before starting a project.

There is nothing like weekends

When you are conducting work from home then you don’t get to see holidays on weekends or other occasions like thanksgiving or Christmas. If you talk to entrepreneurs conducting home based work then they would tell you about the weekends, holidays, birthdays that they have missed out. It is all about time management and the amount of sacrifice you can afford to do. Since you will be having clients from different parts of the world, it will take you several years before you get a full vacation.

Less amount of respect

Unfortunately this is the truth, no matter how much you work or stay busy. Your friends, relatives and sometimes even your family members will feel that you are not as busy or dedicated as others who do a 9 to 6 job. When your friends are free they will call you for long outings as they feel that you are just at home and not doing any work. If you are not able to join them then they feel you’re perhaps making an excuse to stay at home.

Tough to go back to normal work course

If you want to go back to the normal career path and want to join a normal 6 to 9 job then it would be tougher for you as compared to others. Once you get addicted to working for yourself from home then it becomes very difficult to return to the normal course of work.

You are never finished with your work

This is another truth that makes life difficult for people working from home. None of your clients would be ready to compromise on their deadlines and before you finish with you present work you would start planning about the next one. Its important that you start improving your compartmentalization skills.



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